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Signs before Diwali that indicate Good News is coming your way!

Auspicious signs for money ( Diwali 2019) : Not each day is same as the other; some days bring along good news, while a few fall dull. With each festivity, we wish to welcome good fortune, peace, and prosperity in life, and there are times when each of the above arrives in even before we wish for them.

Auspicious Signals about money growth

There are many indications as mentioned in several Hindu scriptures that may be a sign of any upcoming good news or desirous results of efforts- be it related to your work, education, love life, marriage, wealth etc. You only need to have a keen observation.

Divine energy

Shastras advise that one must be very observant before commencing an important task, as there are times when divine signals are sent their ways.

Importance of Diwali puja

With Diwali round the corner, people are set to worship Laxmi-Ganesha and await their holy presence and blessings upon them and their families. It is believed that on the auspicious festival Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha shower their divine blessings, on those, who keep their hearts, homes, and environment, clean and habitable for them.

Goddess Laxmi on Diwali (signs for money)

However, some shastras explain that if the following signals come your way, then it’s a signs that Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha have already sent their blessings towards you….

Money slipping away

If you often find money slipping away your hand, during any transaction (even in your dreams) then it’s an indication that your financial stand is set to increase and will reflect on your asset.

If you consistently find yourself, scratching your palms, or chest, then it’s an indication of immense wealth-related opportunities coming your way.

Auspicious signs for money

Dreaming of ancestors

If you are visited by your ancestors in your dreams, during these auspicious days, then it’s a sign of receiving good news related to ancestral property matter.

Number 8

If you happen to see number 8 appearing more than often in front of you, then it’s an auspicious sign, this number is associated with Goddess Laxmi.

Diwali 2019 Date: Know about shubh muhurat and puja vidhi

Bugs and insects

When you see bugs and insects, especially ants loiter your home or crawling indoors, then it is believed to be a good sign of auspicious events to happen soon.


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Auspicious signs for money

Although this indication has no theory to support its existence, it is said that if you often find thick spider-web around your home, during or before Diwali, then it’s an indication that huge wealth boost is around the corner.



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