Hindi Astrology Books by Mr. Vidya Sagar Mahtha

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Hindi Astrology Books

Hindi Astrology Books “Falit Jyotish- Kitna Sach Kitna Jhuth”is written by Mr. Vidya Sagar Mahtha, the father of ‘Gatyatmak Jyotish’. In this book, he has expressed grief over time to time comprising of superstitions and illusions in Indian astrology and he has suggested the ways also for its eradication. Price – 400/-


Gatyatmak Jyotish: Udbhav Aur VikasIn the book

“Gatyatmak Jyotish: Udbhav Aur Vikas” written by Mr. Vidya Sagar Mahtha (the astrological scientist & discoverer) has mentioned the effects of planets in various spans of life of a person describing various types of planetary motions.

Price – 1000/-