One Mukhi Rudraksha

One Mukhi Rudraksha

1 Mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal

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Ek Mukhi Holi Rudraksha Bead From Nepal brought to you exclusively by Bello Jewels.The term Rudraksha (Rudra i.e. Shiva + aksha i.e. eye) literally stands for the eyes of Lord Shiva or Rudra implying thereby that it was pleasant to the eyes of Lord Shiva, and hence so named in His honour. One Mukhi bestows happiness and revival from the miseries arising from loss of wealth. Prosperity or richness, luck, fortunes grow wherever it is venerated in House or put on in the body in the form of necklace. All forms of ill-effects related to wealth are dispelled. It boosts the concentration and will power of the wearer. According to Vedas it prevents diseases of head such as stroke, paralysis, etc



Premium Size Ek Mukhi Holy Rudraksha Bead from Nepal-30MM

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